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Simplifying Administrative Powers and Delegating Powers to Lower Levels to Improve Record Filing Administration of Health Foods

In accordance with relevant provisions on the filing management of health foods stipulated in the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and the Administrative Measures on the Registration and Record Filing of Health Foods, and with the purpose to further implement the requirements of "simplifying administrative powers, delegating powers to lower levels, strengthening necessary regulations, and optimizing government services", China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has, on the basis of previously released Catalog of Raw Materials for Healthcare Foods and Catalog of Functions Allowed in Package Inserts for Healthcare Foods, organized the enactment of the Guidance on the Administration of Record Filing for Healthcare Food (Interim) and built an information system for the record filing administration of healthcare foods, making possible the separated administration of the registration and record filing for healthcare foods.

The Guidance requires that for all healthcare foods listed in the Catalog of Raw Materials for Healthcare Foods, the record filing applicant shall fill in applicant name and all other relevant details in the information system and then submit the filing application, and that the requestor shall be held accountable for the authenticity, integrity and traceability of the filing information. Relevant food and drug administration authorities shall immediately approve the filing application upon confirming that the input information is adequate.

Next, the CFAD shall adhere to the principles of administration by law, scientific administration to push forward its administration capability and service optimization, promote reorganization and reform with equal emphasis, and establish the mechanism of social governance, thereby deepening the reform on the review, approval and record filing administration of healthcare foods. The application and review procedure shall be open to the public, as well as the results. The Catalog of Raw Materials for Healthcare Foods shall be expanded step by step, from vitamins and minerals to single-material formula and then to homogeneous formula. The record filing administration system shall be gradually implemented and opened up, to create a new healthcare food supervision mechanism that requires merely record filing for most healthcare foods, with only a small minority still needing registration and approval.