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On the basis of CBN Data, The national "research" of the dietary Nutrition-related Food Series of the Chinese People in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as "The Study") presents the Chinese people's consumption of healthcare products based on Alibaba, big data, through the insight observation of different age group's consumption of different functional dietary supplement food online in May 2016 to April 2017.

According to CBN Data, the study found that eating supplemental protein was a national dietary behavior of the Chinese people; especially the young people preferred it after 1995. In the consumption structure of health care products of young people from 29 to 50 years old, the main replenishment demand is the iron supplement and endocrine regulation. Aged 51 to 70, middle-aged and elderly people not only buy the biggest, but also buy healthcare products more frequently and largely than other groups.

The international healthcare product brands observing China's health care market boom which is driven by the increasing awareness of healthy life of the Chinese people are flocking to China's market by opening the official flagship stores online and are gradually taking a share of China's market by the strategy of taking the lead to sell star-class products which are aimed at China's high-end consumer groups.

However, for consumers with strong demand for health care products, they will choose to acquire more diversified functional products overseas through overseas online shopping and cross-border e-commerce. Based on the above different levels of consumer demand, CBN Data "research" online dietary nutritional supplement food can be divided into the following two categories;

1. The common dietary nutritional supplement food (including overseas health products into the domestic market and domestic health care products);
 2. Overseas dietary supplement food (mainly referred to overseas health care products through overseas online shopping and cross-border e-commerce).

People from north China are more aware of the importance of the dietary nutritional supplement.

CBN Data Study shows that in Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Liaoning and other northern provinces where the online supplement relevant foreign brands and domestic brands have received a warm welcome, visible dietary nutritional supplement their consciousness quite high, indicating that they are more aware of the importance of the dietary nutritional supplement. In contrast, the consumers in the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Macau are more likely to choose the overseas brands, of which the consumers in Xinjiang Province show significant demand for online dietary supplements.

April and October every year are the peak time for online sales

As the saying goes: keep on diet in March, or you will regret getting on weight in April. For young people who are less aware of winter sports, the summer's proximity has effectively inspired their desire to exercise. According to CBN Data, the Study shows that online health care product sales reach its peak in April, and the Double Ninth Festival brings about another sub-peak in Chinese Lunar calendar when the young people are paying filial piety to the elders.

Overseas health care products have more returned customers.

According to CBN Data Study, customers rebuy more online overseas health care products than the affordable "ordinary products", indicating that the consumers have more demand for higher grade of products and are more confident in overseas brands.

The consumers born after 1995 prefer protein supplements

The young people born after 1995 who are at the prime of their lifetime to meet the need of their physical growth and appearance beautification mostly buy protein supply. According to CBN Data Study, more than half of the consumers from the 19 to 22-year-old health care product consumer group have begun to buy the collagen and protein powder.

The rich middle-class consumers are always the main consumers of healthcare products.

People become more aware of the importance of healthcare as they grow older and have more demand for health care products. According to CBN Data Study, the customers from the 29 to 70-year-old group buy health care products at a unit price higher than that of the products bought by the average customers, and the average customers buy overseas healthcare products at a unit price 2 times that of the ordinary healthcare products, indicating that they are deep pocket buyers in the market. In addition, they buy overseas products more frequently and the office workers prefer the composite type of healthcare products.

The problems of both the overtime workers and insomnia people are more or less caused by the work-related matters in addition to the lack of exercise and irregular eating time, resulting in "sub-health" symptoms of many people in the workplace. According to CBN Data Study, the customers from the 23 to 50-year-old group include the products for regulating endocrine, whitening spot and iron-replenishment in the list of their purchase items in addition to those for protein supplement which they are sticking to as usually.

In addition, composite type of healthcare products which facilitate the life of the busy office workers are especially favored by the 29 to 50-year-old customers, of which the rich 36 to 50-year-old middle-aged people are more likely to choose the overseas health food.

Source: China Medical Journal