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Global Vitamin C Manufacturers Distribution

The current demand for global Vitamin C market is about 120,000 tons. There are currently 6 major suppliers all of which are based in China other than DSM Scotland factory. They are: Northeast Pharm (25,000 tons), North China (25,000 tons. Although, it stopped production in 2015 due to financial issues), CSPC(40,000 tons), HL Vitamin (30,000 tons), DSM Jiangshan (25,000 tons), as well as others such as TLC, Tuoyang Industry, Sichuan Huaxing Pharmaceutical, Qiyuan Pharm, etc. produce the remaining 50,000 tons. The newly established plant of Anhui Tiger Biotech will begin its trial production for the 30,000 tons Vitamin C products in August 2017, and later the regular production will start in September, 2017. Northeast Pharm will invest 1.6 billion Yuan to construct a smart green factory of Vitamin C during the 2nd phase of its API factory relocation; the new factory will start production in 2019, with an annual output of 25,000 tons. It has achieved a new mode for the smart production of Vitamin C and its series products. The products reach the high standard requirements and are able to export to Western countries. North China Pharmaceutical will construct the Zhaoxian bio-fermentation plant from 2017 to 2020, with an annual Vitamin C output of 20,000 tons.


The export volume of Vitamin C produced from China has increased rapidly for the past two years. Meanwhile, China’s Vitamin C production capacity are also facing more and more pressures due to the newly released environment regulations, which will impact the production of Vitamin C in the short run.


Overview on the future price of Vitamin C

From January to December, 2016, the export volume of China’ Vitamin C and its derivatives reached 131,100 tons, increased 6.02% year on year. In July 2017, the export volume of Vitamin C reached 12,516 tons, increased 8.52% year on year and 10.3% month on month. The export price of Vitamin C is $6.20/kg, increased 6.08% month on month. In July, the export volume and export price began to increase. The Vitamin C price has certain upside in the near future. 


The CSPC and North China Pharmaceutical have stopped their Vitamin C production due to the environment issues, causing a reduction of production capacity and stock shortages. Now, CSPC has restored its normal production but a low production rate remains. According to unknown market sources, North China Pharmaceutical will not resume its production this year. We believe the environmental regulation is the main factor that makes Vitamin C production hard to recover. As the stock market continues to decrease and the Vitamin C supplies become tight, the price will continue to rise in the future. KPI sensitiveness in relevant companies: Northeast Pharm > North China Pharmaceutical. 


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